Thursday, August 18, 2011


Alright, I barely ever blog, and I admit it.

I barely ever go on Central.

I don't make videos.

I don't go on ConnectX or Facebook.

I don't even go on the game.

I'm sorry.

It's time for a little end here.

You knew it was coming.

So, I admit it, I'm not going to be blogging here anymore.

Last post.


I'll still go on my Facebook once a month.

I'm just not that into Wiz anymore.

As for Spiral Sister.. I will deal with that personally with the members of SS.

No videos either...sorry. :\

I'll still keep my blog and channel and Twitter and my website my website up.

Other than that, I'm done.

I'm sorry to everyone, I just don't feel like I'm "in" to Wizard101, therefore there's no point blogging about it.

Thank you to ALL of my friends from Wiz101, Wolf Moonrider, Sestiva, Olivia Dragonrider, Andrew Swift, Abigail, Cori, Paige, everyone.

I'll never forget you.

So, this is Natalie Moonblade,
6-15-09 to 8-18-11

-Natalie Moonblade

Thank you for coming to the Life of Natalie Moonblade, the show is over, you may now exit the theater.

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